Visiting the Fire Station!

Today my mum and I went to the fire station in Bath. The fire man started the visit by showing us what they would do if there was a fire alarm, there would be a printer to print the address of the accident what the accident is and weather it is a fire or not.


In the fire engine there is a small hose to put out the fire, this hose would last for 15 minuets. There was also another hose to put out bigger fires and that only lasted a few minuets. So in theory you would use the small hose first since it lasted 15 minuets, (a longer period of time than the big hose.)Then if the fire gets bigger you will use the bigger, more powerful hose to put out the fire.

The yellow H

The yellow H is normally straight across from a fire hydron there is a number at the top and a number at the bottom.

The camera

Another exciting part of equitment in the fire engine is the camera. This camera is no ordinary camera it has a snake extended arm with a light on the end for you to look under floor boards to see if there is anything trapped underneath.

The floorboard

The rising floor board is for people who are stuck

Under cars this utencil will pump up under the car leaving a leaway for the person to crawl out

The vent or fan

The firemen will use this piece of equitment when there is no one in the fire, this vent will blow away the smoke so the fireman can see clearly and enter the fire.

After the fireman told us about the fire engine we took a little ride in it round the corner. After that we had a go at controlling the hose which was very fun! Then we all took a group photo and went home

What a fun day!