Yoga Perfection V.S me!


♥This picture depicts the yoga pose of gomukhasna, also known as the Cow Face post. It is a comparison of our perception of ourselves versus what we think of other people as they perform yoga poses.

The ‘Others…Perfection’ drawing shows an image of Yoga serenity and calm as the yogi manages to strike the pose with ease and confidence. The eyes closed represent the inner calm and focus of a person as she stays within the pose.

In the ‘Me’ picture, however, the supposed ‘yogi’ is panicked and trying very hard to make her fingers reach behind her back and make her legs cross. On top of that she is also trying very hard, to find the peace and calm within her while trying to keep a straight face.

The Aura logo was designed by my dad for Aura Yoga, a leading yoga studio in South Wales. I personally prefer the ‘Me’ version because it is drawn in the Japanese style of chibi anime which makes it very cute compared to the ‘Others’ drawing.