First Aid- The Script

Yesterday (Tuesday) I went for a ‘First Aid At work’ course. Now, as we all know in a story, there is one person who is very helpful, one who likes to boast, one who is very informative and there is ALWAYS a comedic duo (who just happened to be my friends…) then there are the story extras like the mother, father or the rare Bob or Bill who occasionally pop up when needed and are rarely ever seen (that was me and a few other people).

Characters list

HOLLY- (lead role) ethnicity/race – dark skinned from the Caribbean
Teacher of the first aid course, in her late 20’s studied at City of London University, good with children but has none herself.

STEVE- (small role) ethnicity/race- Caucasian Age: Early 30’s
Throughout the course Steve is playing Spider on his computer occasionally gets up to make a coffee and volunteers when needed, assistant and colleague of Holly.

EDWARD-(lead Role) ethnicity/race – Caucasian Age:
Likes to show off, considered very “heroic” could relate most of his heroic acts to the medical issues that Holly is describing. Works as a Personal trainer, therapist and owns his own Gym.

ISLAM -(small Role) ethnicity/race Egyptian, Turkish and Dutch with some relatives in Germany. Is Home-schooled and has a younger brother named Momen, he himself likes to go by the name Ezz
Age: 13 years old

MOMEN-(small role) ethnicity/race Egyptian, Turkish and Dutch with some relatives in Germany. Home-schooled and is the younger brother to Islam

GEORGIA- (small role) ethnicity/race Chinese Home-schooled and is friends with Momen and Islam Age:12


Linda- works at the front desk at the Theatre Royal around her early 50s.

Joe- Mid 20s owns his own gym.

Emily- Is a Diver and is still at University.

Alice- medical advisor to people at an old folks home.

Sarah- works as a medical advisor at the same old folks home as Alice.

Act 1: Scene 1

(everyone enters stage on door to the right and takes seats)

Holly: (hands out booklets entitled “First Aid at Work”) Please, sit down. Ooohhh looks like we have lots of people!

Holly: What school do you go to?

Georgia: I’m homeschooled

Holly: Wow! I’ve never met someone who is homeschooled before. I’ll have to pick your brains later!


(GEORGIA picks up the “first aid at work booklet” and starts reading)


(LINDA walks in and takes a seat next to Georgia)

People gradually start to fill the 10 seats

 Holly: Let’s start shall we? Now has anybody here done a first aid course similar to this one?


(EDWARD puts his hand up)


Edward: I’ve done one of these courses before and I’ve done first aid on a real person before too

Holly: Well, fantastic you’ll be a pro at this then.

The first thing we are going to learn is the Dr ABC

The Dr ABC stand for Danger, response, airway, breathing, circulation


Holly discusses DR ABC with the group before moving on onto CPR


Holly: OK, now does anyone know how to do CPR? Ok lets get started. When doing CPR you have to always remember your ‘DR ABC’ so Number one “danger’ ALWAYS check for danger you are no use to your casualty if you are in danger. If you can see no futher danger then go into help them. If they are in the middle of the road don’t risk your life trying to save them otherwise you’ll be someone else’s casualty too, just call 111 and watch from the side.

Number two ‘Response’ after you have checked for danger and taken in the situation and decided it is safe to engage then jump right in! Number 2 is response, can you check for response? Shake their shoulder and say at the top of your lungs ‘HELLO CAN YOU HEAR ME?’ if there is no response in the next 10 seconds then call an ambulance immediately.

Number 3 is ‘airway’ to check their airway take two fingers and tilt their chin backwardas towards the sky

Number 4 breathing to check that they are breathing smoothly you lean in and put the side of your cheek just above their mouth to see if they are breathing. If not then you start doing compressions 30 compressions to two breaths you put your hand like this

Interlocks fingers

and press down hard on their chest right in the middle your hand should go down at least 40mm.

Now the dolls that you will be practicing on will ‘click’ to indicate you have gone far enough down when you do chest compressions. However on an unconscious real life person they don’t ‘click’ so you have to take some care and not push so far that you break their ribs…

(Then they will truly ‘click’ – Georgia thought to herself)


EDWARD interrupts. 

Edward: I was in the gym and this guy had fallen off the treadmill. The treadmill was still on and his face was badly burnt !(dramatic pause)

They called me over and of course, I came right away. When I came and addressed the situation, I checked for danger, turned off the treadmill and got right into my CPR. I then got one of the people that were hanging about to come and call 111 (the ambulance) I did everything that I could but (dramatic pause) he didn’t make it.

(moment of silence adoring looks coming from the old ladies Sarah and Alice)

(stifled laughter coming from GEORGIA)

Holly: Remember to Always stay with your casualty, re-assure them, keep re-assuring them!