Lego Creator Beach house walk through

I have got the Lego creator seaside beach house. This Lego house is suitable for anyone who likes beach houses or who is an intermediate builder. The base color for this Lego set is light blue.

I love this Lego set because it has an amazing window, which opens up, and those with small enough hands get to play with the Lego people inside. This is a fantastic 3 in one house, which means that you can use the same Lego bricks to build 3 different Lego houses.

This Lego set has amazing detail (with my favorite being the opening windows). We have, the very classy look with the polished wooden staircase, then we delve into the children’s imagination world with the base color being blue, we then finish with a very sleek modern look with the big double doors and opening windows.

There is a small patio on the ground floor with a tiny barbeque with a dead fish on it to eat. At the front of the house there is big blue waves rising up in freeze motion. At the side there is a big towering palm tree.

On the ground floor we have 2 small windows with the door on one side. We go through the door and we are now facing the big ground floor where children can release their imagination and build anything they want.

At the back there is a brown ladder, which adds a whole new dimension to the house, then we go up the ladder and we arrive on the fab first floor. This first floor has an area for the surf dude that comes with this Lego set to have a little drink with his buddies. We then go out onto the balcony by the double doors and take in the Lego view, ahhhhh its breathtaking!

We then go back down through the single door with the cute yellow lamp hanging over the porch and go down the wooden staircase and we are back to where we started!