Livi’s Lego Pop Star House Review

I have just got the Lego friends’ pop star house and this is my review.

This set has 2 figurines, Livi and her friend and band mate, Andrea.

Livi and Andrea

This house has 2 floors and a luxurious swimming pool with steps that ‘light up’ and see-through bricks. There is also fountain that goes right into the swimming pool, a first floor balcony and roof top patio. Be sure to catch my video at the bottom of the review for a complete walk through of Livi’s house.

Next to the pool there is a deck with a sun lounger, a table with an umbrella and an ice cold cocktail where one can truly relax. Inside the pool there is a rubber float and some bubbles.

swimming pool

In the house, on the ground floor there is the kitchen/lounge open plan area. The lounge is equipped with a sofa and a magazine holder and a glass fireplace for you to warm your toes in the winter. There is also a stylish standing lamp and a gold record disc on the wall.

kitchen/living area

In the kitchen section, there is a kitchen island with a plate of sushi and two stools. As well as an American fridge freezer there is also a sliding door for easy access to the front of the house.

On top of the fridge there is a pot of strawberry jam and a hand held mixer. Next to the fridge is a sink and a kitchen counter with cabinet underneath. A croissant on a plate sits on the counter top. The sink is made from glass sink with a gold tap.

Back to kitchen island, there is an oven where you will find a cake is baking in it.

kitchen island

We will head upstairs and check out the bedroom/bathroom. In the bedroom, my personal favourite is the closet. The see through glass door can actually open. Inside, there is a skirt, shoes and some roller skates that actually fit on the figurines.


Next to the closet there is a double bed and mounted on the wall is a purple guitar. As we go through the bedroom to the bathroom there is a TV screen overhead that can flip.


In the bathroom there is a mounted shower head. Across from there is a gold toilet with a glass sink, a tap and some soap. The bathroom leads out onto the balcony, which is entirely made out of glass.

In conclusion, I would recommend this Lego set for children age 8 and above due to small pieces and accessories.


This set is a one of a kind pop star house that Lego have not done before. Livi’s Pop Star house is great for boys too who collect Lego or like modern day Lego houses.

Also, this Lego set would be great for a birthday party present or Christmas present. Here is a video of my review.