Mrs Ponsonby Story

I woke up, stretched and yawned. I wanted to go back to sleep but I couldn’t because the sun was shining down on the spot where I had slept.

I padded across the cold floor and went down the steps to see Eve. Eve was one of the servants who worked in the house and cooked meals, she was very friendly and gave me some tit bits occasionally when they had left over food from dinner. I walked past the cackling fire and went down another flight of stairs to where the servants slept.

I went over to Eve’s bed and started licking her face to wake her up, “Alright, Alright I’m up!. “She climbed out of bed and tied on her white apron “do you want some tit bits before mistress gives you breakfast eh? I have some scraps from last nights dinner.” She walked over to the pantry “woof woof” I said, indicating that I wanted some food. Eve put her finger to her lips and shushed me “shhhh you’ll wake the others” she said. She grabbed a dish and set out some food for me, I ate happily just as I had finished I heard Mrs Ponsonby waking up, I gave Eve a lick and quickly scuttled back upstairs.

I pretended to be sleeping. Mrs Ponsonby came in and opened the curtains. That was it I got out of bed AGAIN! Then padded over to my dish. I sat patiently as she put out our meals, I ate quickly and savoured the last drop. Mrs Ponsonby ate her breakfast and stood up abruptly.

Her, a human talking to us! She must be out of her right mind “Just need to put on my cloak then we can take a little trip to get the waters, eh? All the other dogs jumped for joy at the thought of this, except for me. I really hate it when the little old lady puts a blue bow on your head and puts a diamond-studded collar on your neck and clips on a pink lead! AND, they aren’t even real diamonds just shiny pieces of plastic. The thought of it makes me shudder!

Next thing I know we were out in the streets. I was being humiliated so mush that I actually tried to paw the bow of my head. All the ahh’s and ooohhhhh’s coming from a group of ladies and gentlemen pestering their wives to take a look “look dahhhling aren’t those puppies just adorable” said one

I couldn’t wait to go home and steel the pastries from the pantry. Just then we bumped into lady Julia “I must say Mrs Ponsonby those dogs of yours are most adorable.” she said fluttering her fan “why thank you” she replied. It seemed like this conversation was going nowhere so I lay down on the pavement and went to sleep.

When I woke up Lady Julia and the little old lady were still tittering away and laughing “I must say Mrs Ponsonby ,Where did you get all those dogs, and a whole litter, why my dearest sister Fanny would die for a dog like that she said pointing to me. I just growled and showed her my sharp teeth. She seemed a
Bit taken a back when she saw them.

“Oh!” Mrs Ponsonby exclaimed. “Look at the time. God, it’s nearly six p.m. and I haven’t even picked up the waters. I really must get going” she chuckled.

As we walked along the Pulteney Bridge, it was getting to sunset. The sun was going down. It was a blazing hot orange colour. She glanced at her pocket watch again and said “Well, shall we head home. We will go to get the water tomorrow.”

After all that humiliation in town, I settled down to a nice yummy dinner. Tonight it was venison steak marinated and cooked in salt. It was delicious. After that I settled down to a peaceful night of sleep.