LEGO Elves 41075: The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway Review

Here is my review of the Elves’ Treetop Hideaway set from LEGO. Don’t forget to watch my video review and LEGO’s back story for the Elves’ series below.

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The Review

I received as a surprise gift The Elves Treetop Hideway LEGO set. Thank you Uncle Jen and Aunty Jane!

At first glance, the set is made up of 2 tree houses linked together. The trees have colourful and beautiful branches and leaves. The Elves’ Hideaway is high up in the trees to keep all nosy strangers out of their living space.

The leaves and branches are pink and purple to show that this LEGO is set in the Elves’ world. There is also a bucket lift which is purple that enables you to lift small items using a hand crank attached to the top of the tree.

It has a draw bridge that can go across to another tree, it can also be a ladder and you  can pull back (which i think is quite cool).

This lego set is brilliant for people who are really into LEGO. If you are a boy then you might want to choose a different set because this is mainly for girls or you can buy a different great set from the new Star Wars The Force Awakens!

So back to the elf tree house, it also has a bed which can open up to become a fantastic sofa. And, it has a hidden letter box that just looks like a medium sized circle.

This lego set is glammed up with pink and purple gems and has flower curtains that you can open and close.

The second tree house is smaller and has a viewing point from which a telescope is mounted on the balcony. 

Elves TreeTop Hideaway Figures

There are 3 humanoid figures in total: Emily Jones who is a human visiting the Elves, Azari Firedancer and Farran Leafshade, both whom are Elves given their pointy ears and customs. Plus, there is Enki the panther cub in grey.

This set is made up of 505 pieces. Accessories include juices, carrot, apples, bag, letter, magic potion and fire and earth power icons.

How long did it take you to build?

2 days, to be exact 12 and a half hours.

How difficult would you rate this  building ? 

I would say that this lego set would be suitable for 10 year olds or older or maybe some younger kids who are really into LEGO.

ElvesTreeTopHideaway Stage

Why should i get it?

It is great for fans of Friends series (the lego set that was released in 2012). It is also perfect for fans of Peter Pan or Tinker Bell or readers of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree.

I would recommend it for children over 10 (due to small parts that could cause suffocation).

You have to get it because it is just so cool, so cool because it is very imaginative and pretend play. You can create new stories and adventures with this set. The Elves Treetop Hideaway allows children to be creative and make up stories!

Elves TreeTop Hideaway Box Front

The Video

The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway

A Parent’s Perspective

The Elves Treehouse Hideaway offers a great deal of value in terms of number of pieces and scope for further additions, imaginative story-telling and made-up adventures.

It is significant in number of pieces and requires some skill and the ability to read and follow instructions well. When completed and put together the set looks impressive and the ability to interact and move different parts and aspects of the build, adds to it’s fun.

While there are some ‘typically’ sized Lego bricks, the vast majority of pieces in this set are specialist and the majority are small. Perfect for children, these require an almost pincer-like hold in order to fit and connect. This makes it perfect for the child who is focussed and intent with great attention to detail. For the same reason, it is probably better for the older child too.

Combined with the back story and a number of further character and plot developments in video form, easily and readily available on Youtube, this LEGO set, while a diversion from the typical offers hours of fun, in building and playing.

What could have been done better?

It is always intriguing that LEGO is able to offer entire manuals without a single instruction. While this may be perfect for the universal market that LEGO maintains, it also misses the opportunity to engage the children further through stories and reading adventures which, in my personal opinion, would greatly add to the imaginative experience children are so open to.

Highly recommended.

The Background Story

Emily Jones inherited a crystal pendant on a necklace from her grandma. One day while exploring her grandmother’s garden, with the necklace wrapped around her neck, she found a portal that transported her to Elvendale, the land of Elves. There she met Azari and Farran, two friendly elves. Watch the first mini webisodes that explains the start of her journey, friends she made on her way and her quest to find the portal back home.

The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway Photo Gallery