The Tower of London

We went to the Tower of London in the summer. I found it really interesting.

Did you know, that they kept ravens at the tower for luck and if there was not 6 ravens at the tower something was wrong. They believed that they might lose the throne if the ravens escaped.

Tower Of London Beefeater

This is a Beefeater, also known as a Yeoman Guard. He was our tour guide for the day. We gave us many useful historic information and stories from the past. He took us to the new sculpture marking the place where hanging might have taken place. This is different from the public hanging that took place outside of the Tower, near Tower Hill. We finished the tour in the Chapel Royal St. Peter ad Vincula. The queens; Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Jane Grey were buried headless under the cold stone slabs (nave or chancel) of the Royal Chapel.

Tower Of London For Kids“I am locked in Jail for animals”… near the Royal Beast exhibition, children and grown ups were doing hands-on activities. This includes going into a cage and pretending to a royal beast.
Tower Of London Traitor's Gate Tower Of London