How to make glowing goo and your own UV light

Today, I have made some glowing slime.

All you need are equal amounts of cornflour and tonic water as well as a UV light. The reason you need tonic water and not just water is because the tonic water gives the goo the ‘glow in the dark’ effect due to the presence of quinine in the drink.


Now, mix the tonic water and cornflower together with your hands, add more cornflour if needed. The thickness of the mixture is called viscosity. When you apply force to the goo it does not splatter like a smoothie or water instead it feels solid. When you pick the goo up it just drips though the gaps of your fingers slowly. 

Next, close the curtains and blinds and switch off the light to make your room as dark as possible. Then, shine the UV light on the goo, if you do not have one, see below on how to make your own UV light. You will see the goo turn blue and glows! 


So there you have it boys and girls, mums and dads glowing slime by Blueberry Snail!  

Please see above for my video and below on how I made the UV light from a smartphone with a flash light.

How to Make Your Own UV Light

You will need blue and purple marker pens, transparent tape and a smartphone with flash light for the camera.

If you do not have access to a phone, you can also use LED flash light or head lamps.


Cut a small piece of tape enough to cover the front of the LED light and stick it over the light, ensuring that it does not touch the lens. Use a bigger piece of tape, if available for bigger lamp.


Once the tape is in place, carefully colour it blue with your blue marker. Ensure as smooth a finish as possible. Repeat the process and colour it blue again. For the third and final layer, colour it purple.


Your DIY UV light is now ready.

Remember, this process does not create the UV light, instead it works as a UV filter, filtering out the other colours, allowing only the UV light through.


Here is my initial trial with fluorescent pens and my notebook.