Ada.Ada.Ada Travelling Theatre Show

Ada.Ada.Ada is an interactive theatre show about the mathematician Augusta Ada King Noel,who designed the first complex computer in 1843 and was then written out of history.

Ada Lovelace is best known for her work on Charles Babbage’s analytical engine. She saw much potential in the analytical engine and decided to design and create the first algorithm meant to be carried out on a machine like this one.

Lord Byron Lovelace’s father known for his poetry and scandals his wife being Anne Isabella Milbanke Ada’s mother. After only a month after Ada was born Byron separated from his wife. Four months later her mother took her and left for her own parent’s home. Meanwhile Lord Byron left England forever.

Her mother being of higher education wanting Ada to do well in the world, educated her.

When she was a teenager her ideas led her to working along side Charles Babbage a British Mathematician also known as the father of computers. She kept in contact with him even after she was married and some propose they had a secret love for each other.

Ada married to William King in 1853. King was then made the Earl of Lovelace and so Ada becamse Countess Lovelace. She had 3 children, Anne Blunt, Bryon King Noel, Ralph King Milbanke.

Ada died later of Uterine Cancer in November 27 1853 at the age of 36.