My Favourite Place to Go on Holiday

Turkey, Singapore, Penang.Penang it’s somehow different everyone has a favourite place to go and mine is Penang -the home of the sun, the beach and the food.

Every morning we visit the hawker centre for some breakfast. Although there are many things to choose from my favourite is the fish ball noodle soup, also known as ‘Koay Teow Th’ng’ to the locals.

To accompany my meals I always order ‘leong fun’ a cold, herbal grass jelly drink. Sometimes I order it to take away, they would put it in a plastic bag and tie it at the side with a string and insert a straw into the other corner.

At the weekends we would go out with family. In the mornings we would sometimes go to the beach with my cousins, Ah Kong (my grandfather) and Ah Mah (my grandmother). Mostly we would cut through the 5 star hotels to the beach, and usually I would usually bring my bucket and spade to build sandcastles.

On the days we wanted a relaxing morning in, my Ah Kong would go out and buy McDonald’s for the kids and Laksa (a fish based noodle soup) for the grown ups while me and my cousins would stay home and browse through my DVD collection looking for a movie to watch.

Penang is a great place to be, I look forward to going back soon!