Hello World! Welcome to Blueberry Snail

My name is Georgia-mae Tan and I am six years old.

I have started this website, with my mummy and daddy’s help, so that other little girls like me will be able to buy nail stickers that fit our little fingernails.

Little nail stickers are so difficult to find and are so expensive in other shops. My shop is not expensive at all!

I am currently waiting for delivery of my first lot of stock and I am so excited.

Mums and dads, and friends can buy these nail stickers for you or they will soon be able to buy you gift vouchers so that you can choose what you like.

I hope you will like the nail stickers I have in my shop and come back soon.

In the future I hope to add some cool tattoos to my shop too.

A Message to Big People

My nail stickers and small and cute but they can also fit big people too.