Caring For Your Succulents During The Winter

Caring For your Succulents during winter.

Best tips for keeping your succulents Healthy and well during winter.

If you’re mad like me and are obsessed with your succulent’s wellbeing, Don’t worry this article is dedicated especially to help you care correctly for your succulents. Am I giving it too much water? Is it the right temperature? Do I need a special soil?

Succulents are so beautiful and pretty and it is a shame that they are not so common as they use to be. Hopefully, I will have told you the proper ways on how to care for succulents, I have inspired you to begin growing or caring correctly for your succulents.

Succulents normally can’t stand below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, -1 degrees Celsius (depending on where you live). If you do keep your succulents outside then I suggest bring them inside at august/September time so they don’t freeze. If you would like to water them one last time before bring them inside wait 3-4 days for the water to dry out entirely so you can start out fresh when they are nice and warm indoor.


To avoid overwatering your Succulent stop watering it around late autumn. For a alternative situation use well draining soil in a pot with a draining hole to make sure the water doesn’t drown your plant. If you are the DIY sort then you might want to try and make your own ‘self-draining soil’ .For those of you that don’t want to spend money, or HOURS making self-draining soil then you might want to go down the route of placing a small amount of sand surrounding the top of your succulent.

Watering in Winter

A must follow rule for watering is to only water them when the soil is completely dry. If you do keep your succulents outside beware of the soil that you use, without the proper soil or if normal thick soil is used then your succulent may result in death or may drown from the soil being too heavy and water absorbing.


One thing that is most difficult about growing succulents is sunshine; succulents need an average of 6 hours of sunshine in the UK especially. A great tip for the winter, is to use growth lights although your succulents will still need to get natural sunlight at night as it is part of their natural cycle so you can’t leave your growth light on 24-7 otherwise your succulent will result in another death.


My experience with succulents is not that great, I own 3 pots that are marked  ‘RIP succulents’. I then decided to find out what I was doing wrong and did my research and it turns I was watering it too much along with using the wrong type of soils.