Letter to a Friend -Pre IGCSE Assignment

This was another one of my pre-IGCSE assignments, About a girl called Addison and her dream to become a vet and her opinion of her friends. I hope you like it!


Dear Addison

I saw your latest blog update on your website with the title ‘My dream, You wanted to be a vet didn’t you? I really enjoyed how you would take after your mother and follow in her foot steps, I thought that was a really sweet thing say. I also love how you tell the viewing audience about how you will accomplish your dream by studying hard and getting straight A’s.

Being a vet is hard work and especially when you have all those qualifications to do which might take a while. I read up on the Internet it takes 7 years, 3 to 4 years to be a proper qualified vet.

Oh yes, remember when you cut your finger with a kitchen knife while cutting strawberries, you couldn’t stand the blood so you fainted. When being a vet you will have to operate on animals so if you can’t stand blood then you might want to think about studying something else like ‘Marine Biology, as I know you always loved fish and their beautiful, bright colours.

I have a friend who always wanted to be a vet but the found it emotionally exhausting to not become attached to the animals he treated. In the nicest way possible you can’t be a vet because you have too big a heart and can’t stand animals being hurt. Oh yes, and you may have forgotten you are allergic to cats too.

Please give this letter some thought as of course you know that I would never like to see my closest friends hurt and upset. If you ever change your mind you can contact me and I will secure you a place at the Marine biology Science institute.

From your caring friend