I do not know how to smile with my teeth

baby                        teeth

That crushed butterflies wings


the trees nod in disagreement

spools of sunshine ginkgo

that litters the pavement


next summer

frogs will face the Lily-pads           bent back

cracked on the axiom         moon-bitten


whilst autumn’s dried persimmon leaves &

the               lopped              choy sum heart

will make me fall under the brief intimacy of childhood again


of chopped hair buried deep in pillowcases

+ primary colours laid out in blocks

of dancing on single slats of sun-dried wood

+  jumping waves in dead blue winter

If this is not created

do we dare dream the infinite

Truthfully then           

                          i am unborn


& i would take back the daisies breaking

Beneath heels two sizes too big

strawberry gum stuck to the soles

Sellotape the pages that illustrate the sea

Press heart shaped thumbs to a kingfishers breast

And breathe out the sweet scent of jibing derision

That gnaws at my bones, past silver birch trees, eating through ghosts.